Receiving Automation Results

You can specify an API endpoint where you'll receive data each time a user's automation is run.

Configuring Your Callback URL#

To configure your Automation Results Callback URL, navigate to the Configuration page of the Rollout Dashboard, and scroll to the bottom.

There you'll see an input where you can provide a URL:

Request Specification#

Your callback URL will need to support the POST method and the "application/json" Content-Type.

For security, we highly recommend that you check that the value of the Authorization header matches your verificationToken, which you can find on the Configuration page as well.

Automation Results Data#

Automation results data is provided as the JSON body of the request to your Automation Results endpoint. A specifciation of the result data type can be found below

The defintion of the Automation type referenced below can be found here.

type AutomationRunResult = {
triggerEvent: {
id: string;
createdAt: string;
automation: Automation;
userId: string;
actionResult: { ok: true; data: any } | { ok: false; error: any };