blueprintKeystringfalseIn case you want to create a Blueprint Automation, pass in the unique key of blueprint.
onAutomationCreated({ automation }) => voidtrueA callback to call after user successfully sets up an automation. The callback can take the newly created Automation object as a parameter. You can use this to navigate away.
onBeforeAutomationCreate({ automationData }) => (boolean | { automationData) }falseA callback to call before request to set up an automation is sent. You can use this to prevent the automation from being created (by returning false) or modify the automationData (an Automation object) to attach customData or otherwise tweak the automation data. Can be async.
onCancel() => voidfalseWhen provided, a Cancel button will be rendered next to the Save button with this callback hooked to it.
prefilledobjectfalseData that can be prefilled for the trigger. See the section on creating automations.
getDefaultActionInputParamsfunctionfalseSee Dynamically Prefilling Actions.
getDefaultTriggerInputParamsfunctionfalseSee Dynamically Prefilling Triggers.
renderFieldsobjectfalseSee Customizing Automation Form.
allowedActionsobject | functionfalseSee Limiting Allowed Apps.
allowedTriggersobject | functionfalseSee Limiting Allowed Apps.
cancelButtonTextstringfalseAllows customizing the text value of the 'Cancel' button.
enableButtonTextstringfalseAllows customizing the text value of the 'Save' button.
variableMenuActivatorstringfalseCustomizes the text that triggers variable list in text editor.