Professional Services

When do you need professional services?#

Rollout will make a best effort to provide everything you need to implement Rollout without needing any professional services. However, if the Rollout team is required to do custom work that does not improve the product or user experience for other customers but only yourself, then Rollout may recommend using our professional services.

What Rollout will help with and maintain without any professional services#

  • The Rollout framework and any missing features
  • Rollout hosting infrastructure for variety of use cases (e.g. scaling, zero down-time deploys, etc)
  • Connectors including bugs or edge cases previously not discovered (time frame on fixes will depend on our triage process)

When you can use our professional Services#

  • Get help with your specific implementation that won't help improve the product for others (new Pro and Enterprise customers get this waived for their first 60 or 90 days)

How does it work and how much does it cost?#

To request professional services, please send us a request at either [email protected] or via Slack. We will bill at a fixed hourly rate (which will vary depending on the task complexity).