blueprintKeystringtrueA unique partner-defined identifier for the blueprint. (Obtainable via the dashboard by selecting the relevant Blueprint)
namestringtrueThe name of the blueprint to be displayed to the user
prefilledobjectfalseData that can be prefilled for the blueprint automation. Please see the section on creating automations.
getDefaultActionInputParamsfunctionfalseSee Dynamically Prefilling Actions.
allowedActionsobject | functionfalseSee Limiting Allowed Apps.
allowedTriggersobject | functionfalseSee Limiting Allowed Apps.
renderFieldsobjectfalseSee Customizing Automation Form.
onUpdatedfunctionfalseCallback function when the blueprint automation is updated
onEnabledfunctionfalseCallback function when the blueprint automation is enabled
onDisabledfunctionfalseCallback function when the blueprint automation is disabled
onCancelUpdatefunctionfalseCallback when the user clicks the "Cancel" button while editing an enabled blueprint automation
onCancelEnablefunctionfalseCallback function when the user clicks the "Cancel" button without enabling the blueprint automation
enableButtonTextstringfalseButton text for the enable button. Default 'Enable'
disableButtonTextstringfalseButton text for the disable button. Deafult 'Disable'
updateButtonTextstringfalseButton text for the renable button. Default 'Update'