UI Components

What can you use UI Components for#

Rollout provides UI components for users to:

  • Create & configure Automations
  • Manage their existing Automations including activating/deactivating
  • Configure part of an Automation such as the Trigger or Action

Why use Rollout UI Components#

For an integration that enables you to "Add a Row" to a Google Sheet, you'd want the user to be able to configure it to tell you which Google Sheet to add it to, which spreadsheet to add it to, and a list of the columns so you can decide which data field should map to which column. Each configuration step is a separate API call and building the ideal user experience requires familiarizing yourself with the Google Sheets API and creating your own custom UI for each interaction. Additionally, if you intend to support more integrations and actions such as Airtable, Salesforce and others, you'll want to create a custom UI for each integrated action.

With Rollout, you get that all out of the box with our UI components:

UI Components help:

  • Deliver a great user experience
  • Enable you to deliver many high quality integrations fast
  • Provide more flexibility to your users so it fits their workflows
  • Require no maintenance from you