AsanaAsana / Task Updated

appKey: asana
triggerKey: task-changed

Trigger Inputs

The following parameters are available when configuring this trigger:
The project Id which includes the tasks whose updates will trigger the action.
The workspace Id which the relevant project is part of.
When filtering by field type, a list of fields which will be used to filter issue updates. If none are selected, any field update will trigger the action. Note: Custom fields will be dynamically loaded from a user's account.. Accepted known values:
- sectionChanged (Status Update)
- commentAdded (Comment Created)
- commentChanged (Comment Changed)
- commentRemoved (Comment Removed)
- completed (Completed)
- completedAt (Completed At)
- assignee (Assignee)
- startOn (Start On Date)
- dueOn (Due On Date)
- notes (Notes)
- dependencies (Dependencies)
- likes (Likes)
- name (Name)
If true, only tasks with changes matching the selected fields will trigger an action.