8x88x8 / New Recording

appKey: eight-by-eight
triggerKey: new-recording

Trigger Inputs

The following parameters are available when configuring this trigger:

Event Payload Properties

The following properties can be referenced when an event occurs:
recordingNameRecording Namestring | null
recordingUrlRecording URLstring | null
idIDstring | null
callTimeCall Timestring | null
callDateCall Datestring | null
agentIdAgent Idstring | null
typeTypestring | null
mimeTypeMime Typestring | null
checksumTypeChecksum Typestring | null
checksumChecksumstring | null
customerIdCustomer IDstring | null
userIdUser IDstring | null
storedBytesStored Bytesstring | null
createdTimeCreated Timestring | null
updatedTimeUpdated Timestring | null
objectStateObject Sizestring | null
bucketIdBucket IDstring | null
sharedSharedboolean | null
tagsTagsobject | null