FlourishFlourish / New Inventory Summary

appKey: flourish
triggerKey: new-inventory-summary

Trigger Inputs

The following parameters are available when configuring this trigger:

Event Payload Properties

The following properties can be referenced when an event occurs:
inventoryTypeInventory Typestring | null
itemClassItem Classstring | null
itemCategoryItem Categorystring | null
externalExternalboolean | null
itemIdItem Idstring
itemNameItem Namestring | null
itemRetailDisplayNameItem Retail Display Namestring | null
itemVariationIdItem Variation Idstring | null
variationNameVariation Namestring | null
variationRetailDisplayNameVariation Retail Display Namestring | null
skuSKUstring | null
strainIdStrain Idstring | null
strainNameStrain Namestring | null
uomUOMstring | null
uomDescriptionUOM Descriptionstring | null
lotNumberLot Numberstring | null
itemDescriptionItem Descriptionstring | null
brandBrandstring | null
thcRatioTHC Rationumber | null
cbdRatioCBD Rationumber | null
pricePricenumber | null
costCostnumber | null
taxableTaxableboolean | null
isTaxExemptIs Tax Exemptboolean | null
unitWeightUnit Weightnumber | null
weightUomWeight UOMstring | null
weightUomDescriptionWeight UOM Descriptionstring | null
unitVolumeUnit Volumestring | null
volumeUomVolume UOMstring | null
volumeUomDescriptionVolume UOM Descriptionstring | null
qtyQuantitynumber | null
availableQtyAvailable Quantitynumber | null
nonAvailableQtyNon Available Quantitynumber | null
sellableQtySellable Quantitynumber | null
onOrderQtyOn Order Quantitynumber | null
lastUpdatedTimestampLast Updated Timestampstring