LeafLinkLeafLink / Create or Update Order

appKey: leaflink
actionKey: create-or-update-order

Action Inputs

The following parameters are available when configuring this action:
Seller's customer id for the company on the buyer side of the order.
Seller company id for this order.
Customer delivery preferences
Discount value applied to the order.
The type of discount. Accepted values are:
- %
- $
External account id.
Number assigned to the order by the seller company.
The id of the facility fulfilling the order.
Required if the find method is filter. The filter to search by. Accepted values are:
- short_id
Required if the contactFindMethod is filter. The filter value to search by.
findMethod"filter" | "select"
The method to use to find the order. Accepted values are: filter | select
Internal notes for the order.
lineItemsstring | array
Notes for the order.
If using a filter find method, the id of the order to update.
Payment term for the order.
The ids of sales reps for the order.
The shipping charge amount for the order.
The shipping charge currency for the order.
The status of the order. Accepted values are:
- Draft
- Submitted
The tax amount for the order.
The type of tax. Accepted values are:
- %
- $
If `true`, will update an existing order using the `findMethod` and its relevant configuration.