TwilioTwilio / New SMS

appKey: twilio
triggerKey: new-sms

Trigger Inputs

The following parameters are available when configuring this trigger:
Phone numbers will be dynamically loaded from a user's account.

Event Payload Properties

The following properties can be referenced when an event occurs:
toCountryTo Countrystring | null
toStateTo Statestring | null
smsMessageSidSms Message Sidstring | null
numMediaNum Mediastring | null
toCityTo Citystring | null
fromZipFrom Zipstring | null
smsSidSms Sidstring | null
fromStateFrom Statestring | null
smsStatusSms Statusstring | null
fromCityFrom Citystring | null
bodyBodystring | null
fromCountryFrom Countrystring | null
toTostring | null
toZipTo Zipstring | null
numSegmentsNum Segmentsstring | null
messageSidMessage Sidstring | null
accountSidAccount Sidstring | null
fromFromstring | null
apiVersionApi Versionstring | null