LeafLinkLeafLink / Create or Update Product

appKey: leaflink
actionKey: create-or-update-product

Action Inputs

The following parameters are available when configuring this action:
The brand id.
The category id.
The product description.
The id for the inventory setting. [1: "Managed", 2: "Unlimited", 3: "Inherited"] Use "1" to set the inventory of the product to managed. If set to "1", available inventory quantity should be set using "quantity" field.
The license id.
The listing state. Set to "Available" to make the product available for selling/buying. "Internal" should be used when a seller does not want a product to be visible to buyers but may be manually added to orders by the seller. Accepted values are:
- Available
- Archived
- Sample
- Backorder
- Internal
- Unavailable
Maximum units allowed for an order. Use "100000" if no maximum order quantity is stored in the source system.
Minimum units required for an order. Use "0.01" if no minimum order quantity is stored in the source system.
The product name.
The retail price amount.
The retail price currency.
The sale price amount.
The sale price currency.
A company's unique identifier for a product. Commas are not supported. <= 255 characters.
The strain classification. If not applicable to the product, use na. Accepted values are:
- sativa
- indica
- hybrid
- na
- 11-cbd
- high-cbd
- sativa-hybrid
- indica-hybrid
The sub-category id.
The unit denomination. Value between 1-25. [1: "1", 2: "1/2", 3: "1/4", 4: "1/8", 5: "3/4", 6: "2", 7: "3 1/2", 8: "7", 9: "14", 10: "6", 11: "28", 12: "5 1/4", 13: "4", 14: "2 1/2", 15: "8", 16: "3 3/4", 17: "1/10", 18: "6/5", 19: "3/2", 20: "2/10", 21: "1/5", 22: "1/3", 23: "1/6", 24: "3/10", 25: "4/10"] Set to "1" if the appropriate value is not available as an option.
The unit of measure. If the appropriate unit of measure is not available as an option, use "Unit" and enter the number of units per unit in the base_units_per_unit field. Accepted values are:
- Milligram
- Gram
- Kilogram
- Ounce
- Pound
- Unit
- Liter
- Milliliter
The wholesale price amount.
The wholesale price currency.
Select if this product allows fractional quantities to be ordered. Recommended if Flower category product is sold in bulk.
Select if this product is available for samples. Set to "true" if value is not available in source system. Certain markets like Canada and OH do not allow samples.
The date the product will be available for sale.
Required if the find method is filter. The filter to search by. Accepted values are:
- sku
- name
Required if the contactFindMethod is filter. The filter value to search by.
findMethod"filter" | "select"
The method to use to find the product. Accepted values are: filter | select
If using a filter find method, the id of the product to update.
Inventory level. Required if the seller is managing inventory.
Action to take when product inventory quantity reaches above a specified value. Accepted values are:
- default
- available
- internal
The value to use for the reverse threshold action.
Whether or not to show the quantity to buyers.
Action to take when product inventory quantity reaches below a specified value. Accepted values are:
- default
- backorder
- unavailable
- internal
The value to use for the threshold action.
Defaults to 1. Required if the seller is selling in cases (multiples). This is a very common practice for sellers across all product categories. If sold in multiples, the number of units sold per case. If not selling in multiples, set to "1".
If `true`, will update an existing product using the `findMethod` and its relevant configuration.