SalesforceSalesforce / Create or Update Record

appKey: salesforce
actionKey: create-or-update-record

Action Inputs

The following parameters are available when configuring this action:
findMethodrequired"filter" | "select"
The method to search for the record to update. Accepted values: filter | select
The object for which a new record will be created. Note: the list of available objects will be loaded from a Salesforce account.
Loaded dynamically from a user's Salesforce account. Includes both optional and custom fields. Note: prefilling these values require pre-existing knowledge of the selected object's keys.
Required if findMethod is filter. Note: these values are dynamically populated depending on selected sObject
Required if findMethod is filter, this field is required. The value to search for against the selected filter.
The record type of the object created or updated. Note: the list of available record types will be loaded from a Salesforce account.
Required if findMethod is select. The ID of the record to update. Note: the user will be able to select from a list of records dynamically populated from their Salesforce account.