FlourishFlourish / Item Updated

appKey: flourish
triggerKey: product-updated

Trigger Inputs

The following parameters are available when configuring this trigger:

Event Payload Properties

The following properties can be referenced when an event occurs:
idIDstring | null
itemNameItem Namestring | null
activeActiveboolean | null
externalExternalboolean | null
skuSKUstring | null
partNumberPart Numberstring | null
productCodeProduct Codestring | null
retailDisplayNameRetail Display Namestring | null
pricePricenumber | null
costCostnumber | null
itemDescriptionItem Descriptionstring | null
inventoryTypeInventory Typestring | null
itemClassItem Classstring | null
itemCategoryItem Categorystring | null
productSourceTypeProduct Source Typestring | null
brandBrandstring | null
strainRequiredStrain Requiredboolean | null
strainIdStrain IDstring | null
strainNameStrain Namestring | null
barcodeBarcodestring | null
seasonSeasonstring | null
seasonYearSeason Yearstring | null
styleStylestring | null
styleSfxStyle Suffixstring | null
colorColorstring | null
colorSfxColor Suffixstring | null
colorDescColor Descriptionstring | null
versionVersionstring | null
specialInstructionsSpecial Instructionsstring | null
refField1Reference Field 1string | null
refField2Reference Field 2string | null
refField3Reference Field 3string | null
refField4Reference Field 4string | null
refField5Reference Field 5string | null
sellableSellableboolean | null
needsFulfillmentNeeds Fulfillmentboolean | null
isTaxExemptIs Tax Exemptboolean | null
lotTrackedLot Trackedboolean | null
serialNumberTrackedSerial Number Trackedboolean | null
useByDateReqUse By Date Requiredboolean | null
shelfDaysShelf Daysstring | null
plantAdditivePlant Additivenumber | null
reorderPointReorder Pointnumber | null
singleUnitPackageSingle Unit Packageboolean | null
standardQtyUomIdStandard Quantity UOM IDnumber | null
uomUnit of Measurestring | null
uomDescriptionUOM Descriptionstring | null
syncEachByWeightOrVolumeUomSync Each by Weight/Volume UOMboolean | null
unitWeightUnit Weightnumber | null
weightUomIdWeight UOM IDnumber | null
weightUomWeight UOMstring | null
weightUomDescriptionWeight UOM Descriptionstring | null
unitVolumeUnit Volumestring | null
volumeUomIdVolume UOM IDstring | null
volumeUomVolume UOMstring | null
volumeUomDescriptionVolume UOM Descriptionstring | null
unitHeightUnit Heightstring | null
unitWidthUnit Widthstring | null
unitLengthUnit Lengthstring | null
dimensionUomIdDimension UOM IDstring | null
dimensionUomDimension UOMstring | null
dimensionUomDescriptionDimension UOM Descriptionstring | null
daysOfSupplyDays of Supplystring | null
defaultSupplierDefault Supplierstring | null
unitCbdPercentUnit CBD Percentnumber | null
unitThcPercentUnit THC Percentnumber | null
thcRatioTHC Rationumber | null
cbdRatioCBD Rationumber | null
cbdMgPerDayCBD Mg Per Daystring | null
thcMgPerDayTHC Mg Per Daystring | null
cbdPerDoseCBD Per Dosestring | null
cbdPerDoseUomIdCBD Per Dose UOM IDstring | null
cbdPerDoseUomCBD Per Dose UOMstring | null
cbdPerDoseUomDescriptionCBD Per Dose UOM Descriptionstring | null
thcPerDoseTHC Per Dosestring | null
thcPerDoseUomIdTHC Per Dose UOM IDstring | null
thcPerDoseUomTHC Per Dose UOMstring | null
thcPerDoseUomDescriptionTHC Per Dose UOM Descriptionstring | null
cbdPerUnitCBD Per Unitstring | null
unitCbdContentUomIdUnit CBD Content UOM IDstring | null
cbdPerUnitUomCBD Per Unit UOMstring | null
cbdPerUnitUomDescriptionCBD Per Unit UOM Descriptionstring | null
thcPerUnitTHC Per Unitstring | null
unitThcContentUomIdUnit THC Content UOM IDstring | null
thcPerUnitUomTHC Per Unit UOMstring | null
thcPerUnitUomDescriptionTHC Per Unit UOM Descriptionstring | null
totalCannabinoidsPerDoseTotal Cannabinoids Per Dosestring | null
totalCannabinoidsPerDayTotal Cannabinoids Per Daystring | null
totalCannabinoidsPerUnitTotal Cannabinoids Per Unitstring | null
numberOfServingsNumber of Servingsnumber | null
numDosesPerUnitNumber of Doses Per Unitnumber | null
numDaysPerUnitNumber of Days Per Unitnumber | null
doseMeasurementDose Measurementstring | null
unitMeasurementUnit Measurementstring | null
usableCannabisQtyUsable Cannabis Quantitystring | null
usableCannabisQtyUomIdUsable Cannabis Quantity UOM IDstring | null
usableCannabisQtyUomUsable Cannabis Quantity UOMstring | null
usableCannabisQtyUomDescriptionUsable Cannabis Quantity UOM Descriptionstring | null
unitDaysUnit Daysstring | null
unitCannabinoidsUnit Cannabinoidsstring | null
metrcAdministrationMethodMetrc Administration Methodstring | null
metrcItemIngredientsMetrc Item Ingredientsstring | null
servingSizeServing Sizestring | null
servingSizeGramsServing Size in Gramsstring | null
standardDailyUseDescriptionStandard Daily Use Descriptionstring | null
intakeFormIdIntake Form IDstring | null
amountPerDoseActiveIngredientAmount Per Dose Active Ingredientstring | null
dosesPerDayActiveIngredientDoses Per Day Active Ingredientstring | null
activeIngredientActive Ingredientstring | null
onsetTimeLowMinutesOnset Time Low (Minutes)string | null
onsetTimeHighMinutesOnset Time High (Minutes)string | null
durationLowMinutesDuration Low (Minutes)string | null
durationHighMinutesDuration High (Minutes)string | null
dosageAmountDosage Amountstring | null
storageInstructionsStorage Instructionsstring | null
helpfulTipsHelpful Tipsstring | null
warningWarningstring | null
ecommerceActiveEcommerce Activeboolean | null
leaflinkIdLeaflink IDstring | null
leaflinkCompanyLeaflink Companystring | null
integrationStatusIdIntegration Status IDnumber | null
lastUpdatedByLast Updated Bystring | null
lastUpdatedTimestampLast Updated Timestampstring
createdByCreated Bystring | null
createdTimestampCreated Timestampstring