FlourishFlourish / New Order

appKey: flourish
triggerKey: new-order

Trigger Inputs

The following parameters are available when configuring this trigger:

Event Payload Properties

The following properties can be referenced when an event occurs:
orderIdOrder Idstring
isApprovedIs Approvedboolean | null
originalOrderIdOriginal Order Idstring | null
shipmentIdShipment Idstring | null
orderTimestampOrder Timestampstring | null
subTotalPriceSub Total Pricenumber | null
exciseTaxRateExcise Tax Ratenumber | null
taxesTaxesnumber | null
pretaxDiscountsPretax Discountsboolean | null
totalDiscountsTotal Discountsnumber | null
totalChargesTotal Chargesnumber | null
totalPriceTotal Pricenumber | null
deliveryFeeDelivery Feenumber | null
totalPaidTotal Paidnumber | null
taxPaymentDirectionTax Payment Directionstring | null
lastUpdatedByLast Updated Bystring | null
lastUpdatedTimestampLast Updated Timestampstring
createdByCreated Bystring | null
createdTimestampCreated Timestampstring
invoiceDateInvoice Datestring | null
shippedTimestampShipped Timestampstring | null
originFacilityoriginFacilityobject | null
destinationdestinationobject | null
distributordistributorobject | null
salesRepsalesRepobject | null
originTypeOrigin Typestring | null
orderStatusOrder Statusstring | null
paymentStatusPayment Statusstring | null
taxTypeTax Typestring | null
paymentTermPayment Termstring | null
notesnotesarray | null
chargeschargesarray | null
discountsdiscountsarray | null
orderLinesorderLinesarray | null